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About Athol
Athol Massachusetts was settled on the banks of the Millers River in the 1790's, is a blue-collar community located in the North Quabbin region of West Central Massachusetts. Athol has been a strong metalwork manufacturing town since the early 1900's and has earned its nickname "Tool Town U.S.A."

Athol offers its residents a blend of urban and rural characteristics which include a traditional downtown shopping district and many recreational activities such as camping and hunting and fishing.

Each year the Athol Historical Society hosts many outstanding artistsand musicians and other prominent people as well as a very active local performing arts group that brings Broadway to town at least four times a year.

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Field, Forest, & Orchard 5k

When: Nov 22, 2014 12 AM to Nov 22, 2014 12 AMin Athol, Massachusetts (Sat, 22 Nov 2014 00 )
American Red Cross Blood Drive
When: Oct 15, 2014 9 AM in Athol, Massachusetts (Wed, 15 Oct 2014 09 )
American Red Cross Blood Drive
When: Sep 29, 2014 7 AM in Athol, Massachusetts (Mon, 29 Sep 2014 07 )
Line Dance Classes

4 weeks of Line Dance Classes! Beginners and those with no experience are welcome. A fun and relaxed class that will keep you moving in a low-impact and challenging way. Learn line dances to latin, pop, contemporary, lyrical and oldies music!

The cost for this session of classes is $24.00 and includes 4 classes during the month of September! Class runs 5 - 5:45pm.  Please contact instructor if you have any questions.

When: Sep 3, 2014 5 PM to Sep 24, 2014 5:45:00 PMin Athol, Massachusetts
Cost: 24.00 true Line Dance Class - September 24.00

(Wed, 03 Sep 2014 17 )
Dance Workout Classes

4 weeks of Dance Workout Classes with Shelly! If you love Zumba, Jazzercise or just moving your body to music, you'll love this fun, low-impact workout class that is great for beginners and those new to exercise. Everyone is welcome!

Class runs for 4 weeks during the month of September and costs $30 for the session. Class runs 6 - 6:45pm.

When: Sep 3, 2014 6 PM to Sep 24, 2014 6:45:00 PMin Athol, Massachusetts
Cost: 30.00 true Dance Workout 30.00

(Wed, 03 Sep 2014 18 )
Kids Hip Hop Dance Workshop ages 5 and up

A fun kids hip hop dance workshop! Come learn some exiciting dance moves to your favorite songs. Hip Hop is all about rhythm, attitude and lots of energy! For ages 5 and up, with no previous dance experience required. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

When: Sep 24, 2014 4 PM to Sep 24, 2014 4:45:00 PMin Athol, Massachusetts
Cost: 8.00 true Kids hip hop 8.00

(Wed, 24 Sep 2014 16 )
AHS After Prom Party Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk

When: Nov 29, 2014 12 AM to Nov 29, 2014 12 AMin Athol, Massachusetts (Sat, 29 Nov 2014 00 )

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